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Spiral Folding lamps

Spiral Folding lamps



The SPIRAL product line consists of decoration lamps for both in- and outdoor usage. The elements are distorted and condensed by the rules of logarithmic spirals, thus forming and projecting a very exciting and lively surface texture. The structure of the shapes is one flat sheet turning into a spatial system.

The objects originally were conceived as light decorations for garden parties.The final form-family ,however, can be used both indoors and outdoors as elementsfor atmospheric lighting.The forms have traced patterns based on the ratio of logarithmic spirals, the traced patterns are distorted and condensed from various directions.The system of the ratio also exists in the forms of pine cones, sunflower, the flakes of pineapple and in the leaves and the stems of some plants as well.
The rays of light passing through the form project lively images on the surroundings.The light source, placed in the middle, creates different sight from every angle, a vision of various spirals.The structure of the form is one flat sheet turning into a spatial system.It exists in various forms and sizes, e.g. sphere,lentil, bean…etc. The lighting objects are made of 0,8 and 0,5 mm polypropylene plates.
The characteristics of the material : flexibility, easily cleanable, airiness, price – are all adequate for the goal.The surface can be cut out from polypropylene sheets, digitally or manually.) The technology of the production is digital-cutting (CNC), thus more shapes and forms can be achieved.

Technical Specifications

5 variations were created.

Material: polypropylene White & colour
Weight: max.1kg.
Accessories: wall adapter, length of cable: 5 m
- with an RGB LED (12v) lighting in silicone ribbon, so the you can choose the colour of the light as well.(contolled light)

1. lentil: white,60x30 | + with infra remote microcontroller, wall adapter
2. sphere: white,50x50 | + with infra remote microcontroller, wall adapter
3. kidney: white,30x60 | + with infra remote microcontroller, wall adapter
4. bean: white,30x60 | + with infra remote microcontroller, wall adapter
5. sphere colour,(magenta),40x40 | + with pure white LED light, Wall adapter, can not be controlled

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