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Hexa Light Hs2

Hexa Light Hs2



The Hexa Hs2 pendant light, wide ceiling lamp, will add charm to any room as it gives off warm, diffused light overhead. Beautifully complement contemporary interiors.
Illuminates the space around it in soft, diffused light.
The structure consists of a system of hexagons, which create a firm and even shape. The small elements of the lamps display a star-like appearance at the intersections of the hexagons, this pattern covers the whole surface of the form.


The lamps are meant to be hung from the ceiling, for indoor use mainly. Variants of shapes designed digitally. Each lamp is assembled in a unique way.

The shapes are made of thin 0,3 translucent plastic, thus their weight is very little, around 0,5-1 kg. Despite the softness of the material, the structure, which is a hexagonal system, creates a firm, even form. At the intersections of the hexagons the elements display star-like shapes, which combine together and overlap, thus a very interesting surface structure is achieved.


Creates soft ambient light once lit. Provides diffused light.

Gives a warm or cold glowing light, that gives your home a desired atmosphere. Choose different Kelvin color temperature bulbs, determine the color of light. 


Ideal for providing diffused, ambient lighting in home, living room, offices, stores, community spaces, corridors, ... for environments.

A series of Hexa pendant lights avaible in five different shapes.


Product Family: Hexa
Type:Pendant Light
Launched: 2013
Material: plastic. opal, 
Colours: white, opal


Diameter 60 cm / 23.62"
Height      35 cm / 13.78"


Fully assembled. Designed to be easily installed. The package includes the complete installation instructions
The package contains ceiling rose, cable, pendant holder, and lamp shade. This product does not come with bulb. Compatible with E27 LED light bulb recommended. Avoid the use of conventional bulbs, they may overheat.

Choose different color bulbs determine the color of light. (cool white, warm white..).

We also deliver internationally. If you need your light by a specific date, please get in touch.

Free delivery to any Hungary adress in 3-5 working days. 

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